Sunday, June 20, 2010

When It's 2am, and You Still Cannot Sleep..

..i am always craving for quality sleep..and, i guess, i am not lucky enough to have that.. WHY? 
..honestly, i cannot sleep w/o reading books beforehand..i just can't..if i were to, it would take me at least an hour before i fall asleep, regardless of how tired i was..simply because, my mind would fly all over the world, thinking random stuffs that many of them are not affecting me personally and sometimes they are just garbages..
..and i am bit choosy/fussy when it comes to reading books..any bedtime stories wouldn't work for me..i need something that are damned boring and heavy! that, i would easily fall asleep..(here explains the reason why i don't like sleeping at other's room! NOT BECAUSE, am snobbish, but, i just can't sleep!)
..then, usually the reading would be anything from economics, motivational pieces, politics (i like the most), and some techno sort of articles...and most of them are simply hard to understand..
..that's y, i can't stop thinking/understanding those materials even when am sleeping..that's very VERY BAD, dude! '
..well, i guess, there't nothing i could do about, i am trying to live up w/ my BAD sleeping habits! i guess, quality sleep will only happen to me when am dead (hopefully) :)

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