Saturday, June 5, 2010

To hide or to face~

it is a matter of reality and fantasy...many knows that life is sane human would deny this fact..but, why many decide to live in their fantasy world? are they afraid to face the reality? or is it the only way they could run from their problems? idk myself either...

..many like to blame situation rather than themselves..and to be honest, i am one of them..for example, am not good in this area because of bla bla bla..not many dare to admit their own mistakes..but, have we ever learnt that God has already mentioned about this matter in the Holy Koran, "“Allah tidak akan merubah nasib suatu kaum sebelum kaum itu merubahnya.” So, whose to be blamed? you decide yourself..

..learn to admit our mistakes and weaknesses..and later, we will find ourselves w/ many more to's no wrong to reflect on things that we have ever done..remember, those who dare to admit mistake are the toughest among the rest!  

"Dare to Change!"

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