Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Showing Up for Life! ~ Quick Review

i am halfway to finish a book, entitled "Showing Up for Life," written by Bill Gates Sr. but, am more than excited to give my review on this book..[i have to stop reading..otherwise, i don't have any good thing to read tomorrow..LOL]

this book is, in general, a story of Bill's real life..everything from his work as a lawyer to his incredible experiences parenting, together w/ his late wife, Mary, one of the richest men in this entire world, Bill Gates Jr. Bill is very good describing/recollecting all his past, and then to translate them into a very good life-lesson for his readers..for me, this book is not a typical book..neither Bill uses this opportunity to bragging about his successful family..

..besides, this book has changed entirely my bleak perspective towards the riches..up till now, i had never known that Bill Gates Jr. was only a typical kid, w/ no special talents or what so ever..yet, the only thing that made him different from other kids at his age was his enormous curiosity to learn new things..and as being mentioned in the book, he is still continuing his hobby, reading lots of books as to get new perspective about life..yet, what really inspired/amazed was the way his parents, Bill and Mary, brought him and his siblings up..they were such a wonderful parent to begin w/..

..anyway, i would recommend this book for those who are trying to find values in their lives..believe me, u would find yourself motivated not only to chase your dreams but also to help your own society..out of 10, i would give 8! Good Job, BILL! i owe you a very great, and valuable life-lesson! 

* click the below link to pre-read the book at Amazon.com!

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