Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day 2 - Wrapping Up!

today was better than yesterday..woke up much earlier, around 6 am..was so motivated this morning tho i just got 3 hrs sleep..by 7.00 am, i already in DD, having my breakfast..it was calm, walking alone at that time..felt so close to God..

..by 8am, i was already doing my reading..got to prepare myself since i had to design my first experiment today..since there was no WC match around this morning, i managed to give my full attention on my reading..2 hrs reading, non-stop..ok, tipu! there was 5 mins break for each 30 mins reading (manusia mana mampu concentrate lebih dr 30 mins kan?) ..by 10.30 am, i was already in the Lab..i need to be punctual since this was my first appointment w/ my PHD friend..then, here the best part of my day: getting to know the GRAIL system for the first time..of course, i was so amazed! idk, how funny my expression was! but, i was sure it was! anyway, i was excited learning this new system till i forgot about my lunch break..okay, if it was not my friend reminded me to take my lunch, i surely skipped that meal..anyway, after the lunch + prayer's break, i started designing my experiment..started w/ mapping the corridor into coordinate system, predefining all essential parameters, and etc..dang, it was already 4.30 pm (managed to finish the experimental design, tho) ~ time to get back!

..by the way, since today's weather was amazingly awesome, neither HOT nor COLD, i decided to play tennis w/ my buddies. dude, it was 2 hrs game, non-stop! so, freakishly superbly AWESOME! felt so GOOD! :p

..there u go..since i was working so hard during the day, i decided to take my leisure time at night, meaning MOVIE + GAME + TWITTERING night! adios amigos! anyway, Thank God, i had such wonderful day today..so do you, guys! after all, "Life is What You Make It!"

"praying for another wonderful day, tmrrw!"

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