Wednesday, June 9, 2010

It's Time to Take The LEAD!

about a year ago, while i was delivering my speech for a presidential debate of Kelab UMNO New York-New Jersey, i did mention about one important characteristic of being a great leader : a big leader is indeed a great that time, i was always keen to hold onto the belief..and i still remember, after the debate, one of my seniors did quote my saying on his FB status..and to him, i am very sorry for telling him a thing, in which later i found to be only a half-true..

..when we talk about leadership, one should be talented/determined enough to motivate not only him/herself but also his/her followers to do a change..the change could be anything, from a small one (e.g., restructure one's organization) to a very big/far-fetching change (e.g.; transforming the mindset of his/her society)..but, the question is how can he/she instigate the change if he/she is not taking the lead? then, the idea of merely being a follower, regardless how good he/she is, would mean nothing at all..but, to take a lead, it's not that easy..he/she must be immune to all destructive critics/'s worth to note that not everybody likes the change..sometimes, these people are very complacent w/ their present..any type of changes would make them unhappy! but, to convince these people that the change is imminent would truly measure one's should he/she respond to these people would later determine his style of leadership..thus, it is clear that a great leader must be the person who takes the first step for every good changes!

...besides, being a leader, one cannot really run from facing problems, being that personal upsets or troubles stem in his/her, the challenge is how he/she responds to these problems...a typical leader might just try his/her best to address those problems by finding quick solutions! but,  a great leader will use the current to solve all incoming problems in future (e.g., how the present could avoid troubles in future?) this is what really make a clear line between a typical and a great leader..but, to be able to do the latter, one should be brave enough to make a radical/unpopular decision..he/she must clearly explain his/her reasonings so that people would stand behind the decision..otherwise, the problem cannot be solved w/o a solid support from the people..but, the question remains the same: "how could someone summon his/her followers to believe in him?" and the answer is by taking the lead..the idea of waiting an appropriate time to act doesn't exist since the time will never come until one is looking for a saying goes, "it's better to act now or never!"

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