Thursday, June 24, 2010

What If ~

when i was reading my friends' blogs, something came across my mind..i was thinking how much times i could save if i don't:

1) check my FB account for a day (twitter is fine, since i read news from there) - time saved: 2 hrs
2) walk/be in a state of "thoughtless" -time recovered: 2 hrs
3) talk crap things : time saved: 30 mins
4) walk leisurely to class : time saved: 30 mins
5) menyanyi dlm bathroom : time saved : 15 mis
6) menggeliat - time saved: 10 mis
7) others : time saved 1 hr 

Total TIME SAVED:  6hrs 25 mins ..surely if i take these 3 hrs, i could have perfect sleep of 6 hrs everyday..POOR TIME MANAGEMENT! kene restructure balik my time nie! hehehe..

1 comment:

  1. bro..yg number 5 tuh kalau boleh mantain la...oh..and make sure nyanyi tuh betul la if ade orang kat sebelah2 tu xde lah diorang perasan salah lirik...haha


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