Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day 4: In Glance~

..spent 12 hrs working [8am -8pm], w/ 10 mins break for lunch for today, AGAIN! [lupa].. :) tired but am happy since i got to run the GRAIL system..WORK, yet to be perfect..the server seems like to have problem to transmit packet to landmarks..but, the landmarks' side seems to be working :), am looking to learn new tool, tshark~ hopefully, tomorrow's appointment is on! if on, i'll be going to Rutger WinLab..yelah, x tau kene la bertanya kan..sbb my PHD friends in my school are not familiar w/ that tool..lg la ak! hahaha.."carilah ilmu sampai ke negeri China!" tue kan Nabi yg, kene ikot la :)'s lesson: "work hard, play hard!"
play time: "memorizing GRE words! anyone to play w/ me?"

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