Saturday, June 19, 2010

Saturday's Outing!

i spent my whole Saturday at RedBull Arena (House for New York RedBull Soccer Team) to watch six rugby teams playing to determine their places for this year's Churchill Cup..all these teams were representing their own countries..and as expected, England has won the Cup by defeating the Canadians..France A came third, followed by USA..the fifth place was won by Russians, and the Uruguay team ended up for the last place..anyway, i don't want to talk much bout the games..sometimes, pics speak more than words..enjoy the pics! 

(England Saxons - Fabulous Performance)
(The France A (Blue) vs USA (White) - Tight Game)
(England Saxons (White) vs Canada (Red) - The Cup Final)
(The Russians won for the Bowl - 
Their No 6, Victor, was an AWESOME! player)
(Russia (White) vs Uruguay (Blue) - 
Nice Set Piece from the Russians :D )
(England Saxons, the O2 Guys - They were very AWESOME!)
(The Stevens + Lehigh Guys - 
We were five actually..Another one was missing from this pic [the cameraman] )

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