Thursday, June 10, 2010

What I have learnt so far ~

many said that school is not the best place to learn about why we bother to spend four years in school if, at the end, we are not learning anything? history has shown that many great men are mostly college dropouts, meaning that they have never graduated from college..still, they are doing well in their, what's the purpose of education?

i've asked many friends of mine, some of them are just fresh graduates, on their early years after college..many told me that they were struggling to get used w/ their real-life environment..the world seemed tougher than they had ever imagined..even one of them did tell me that whatever troubles you might have in school are nothing as compared to what are waiting for you in your real, it sounds so scary..but, that's the reality.., am always wondering my purpose of being in trying very hard to find values, in which i could instill/ bear in my, whenever i lost my rationale, i could stick to these values..but, till now, i have never found any of them yet..but, to say that i have learnt nothing in school so far, is partly untrue..throughout my 2 years in States, i have learned the following:

1. Determination:

i learnt that to be an outstanding student, i have to work hard..i have to push myself a bit harder/further than everyone's, if everybody does take 4 hrs to revise their notes, then i should spend 4hrs 10 mins, reading the same, for every 10 mins extra i have, i could score 1 or 2 points higher than they could..but, to do so, i really need a real determination..otherwise, i would end up being "hangat-hangat tahi ayam!" but, to be honest, i have not always met my expectation..always than never, i have failed to get myself among the top students in my class...but, it never made me sad..conversely, i feel so much better w/ myself for the fact that i have been working very hard so far..the result doesn't matter, but the efforts do!

2. Second Chance:

this is one of the most important lesson that i have learnt so far thru my academic years -  the meaning of second chance..i can guarantee that you can barely learn this in your real-life since it simply doesn't exist..once you blow your chance, you will never get it back (as a lovely friend of mine used to say)..yet, in school, i am told that i could do mistakes over and over one will punish me tho i keep repeating the same mistakes..i could clearly recall an advice given to me by one of my professors..she told me that it is not the end of the world if i could not finish my project by the due date..thanks to her for giving me a second chance to survive! and for the record, i did survive, and she was very glad to know that i was able to finish the project not only successfully but also on time! again, i am also learning that once you do bad in one of your tests, you still have many chances to perform better in others..the chances seem endless in school..

3. Friendship:

this is what i am gonna miss when i leave school for good - the kindness and pureness of friendship..believe me, once you enter the real-world, the actual meaning of friendship will slowly fade real life, friendship will be based on money, power, and etc..if you couldn't offer anything to your friends, you will be nothing to them..that's very harsh, right? in college, friends are only friends, nothing else know your friends by their prejudices and idiosyncrasies, yet you still call them your know your friends by their ego and pride, yet you still heart them from the bottom of your heart..even, sometimes, they do annoy you w/ their stupid jokes, yet you still love them sincerely..for me, a pure friendship does exist when you are expecting nothing from your friends, but their hearts..seriously, am gonna miss all my friends! 

4. Support:

living far far away from family is a privilege for me as to know the real definition of support..unlike before, in which i was used to cling on my parents, i have nobody in States, except myself and my friends..sometimes or many times, i pretend to be a strong person, so that i could protect "someone" that i really love for! but, at the end, i just find myself in a dire need of support from my friends..that's life, i guess - while you are trying your best to support someone, you are actually requiring support from others..but, i never regret that..indeed, i do  understand what "support" is meant to be since i have been thru all "supporting" and "supported" be honest, i just love to be in both cases! :)

5. Trust:

trust is a very crucial to one's life..once you lost it, then life is nothing but school, i am learning that i should trust myself in anything i do..everything from a small to a big decision requires trust! but, to me, for all decisions that i have made so far, i am actually preparing myself  to make a big decision at the end of my school year: a decision to choose my career path..this is very important, and so many times, i found my graduated friends entrapped in this one big conflict..but, i think they are not the one to be's the community that keep reminding them that once you choose the wrong path in the beginning, there is no turning back..thus, this mindset really makes the decision-making process tough..but, once again, if you have trust in yourself, you can easily go thru all these messed up! just believe in whatever you many times, people choose wrongly, but then they are able to fix them up! but, in order to fix them, you must have to make the decision first.. keep BELIEVING! :)

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