Friday, June 18, 2010

Talk Recap : "Balancing Dunya & Din"

alhamdulillah, i just got back from a talk, given by bro Waleed on a topic of "Balancing Din & Dunya." and i managed to take some notes during that almost 2-hour talk..and here the recap:

1) Our Task as Muslims:

He started his talk by making a very strong premise of this topic - the purpose of our creation..He reminded us that we are created not only to worship no other God, but Allah, and to believe firmly that Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h) is the Messenger of Allah, but also to take part in creating a sound society..He, later, explained on the level of Imaan, in which according to him, there are about more or less seven layers..and the highest one is to believe in Syahadah, while the lowest one is to pick/remove garbage on street..and then, he concluded that there is actually no separation between worshiping God (Din) and creating a sound society (Dunya) by comparing the highest and the lowest level of Imaan..

Remarks: No separation between Dunya & Din..

2) Islam is Indeed A Way of Life:

He then reminded us to take Islam as a whole, and later to make it as our way of life..Islam, according to him, is not constraint to religious rituals, such as Solat, Zakat, and etc..for example, if we were to have problems, we have to resort to Allah by making ourselves closer to Him..and this is simply because Allah is the one and the only that knows the best for us..let's thinking this way..why are we here, studying in United States? why we were chosen instead of other zillions of talented/gifted students? we were not that smart, anyway..the only reason we are here is because Allah wants us to be, whatever happens to us here must come w/ reasons, in which yet we are to discover..

Remarks: Allah knows what fit us the, just ask Him whenever we are lost..

3) Building Strong R/Ship w/ Allah:

if we were able to spend/prepare most of our time for our study, why shouldn't we do the same so to build a strong r/ship w/ do so, we have to seek the knowledge of's indeed our responsibility to know the DO and the DON'T things in Islam..there is simply no excuse to be ignorant...and to have strong r/ship w/ Allah, we have to embrace Islam as a whole..not by taking some, and leaving the rest..Islam comes as a package..if we were to hold on "custom-made" fatwa, we were no different than Jews..Allah has mentioned this matter in the Holy Koran, which implies as the following (not the actual quote):

"those who take some will have the grace in this dunya, but they will surely get the harshest punishment in the Hereafter:"

Allah has promised this in the Holy Koran..and Allah has never failed to deliver His promise..

Remarks: To embrace Islam as a whole so that we could build a strong r/ship w/ Allah

4) Recharging Our Soul

living in this dunya is indeed very challenging..Shaitaan has always their own agenda to bring us away from the true, to live up w/ all these challenges, we really need a very strong soul..and of course, regardless of how strong we were, we would, at certain time, feel so tired..and therefore, it's our task to recharge our soul..the best way by doing tasbih, tahmid, tahlil, and etc..also, many of us sometimes forget the importance of performing prayers five times a day..these are the times in which our minor sins would be forgiven, and we could again and again purify our souls..but, unfortunately, many of us have taken these solat for granted..most of them are doing the solat because they are told so..not many realize/ or care to know the benefits of doing it..and also, as to purify our souls, we should always repent ourselves..and there is a narration by (i forgot the name) that, "if you committed sins, the angel on your left will wait six hours for your repent." -cool, right? so, always do the istifar, so that Allah will forgive us for our intentional/unintentional mistakes..

Remarks: Purifying our soul is very important, yet many has overlooked it..

Words to Remember: "There is no ultimate tranquility except of thinking that Allah will always be w/ you for your hard or good times. Get close to Allah, and surely Allah will be closer to you" 

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