Friday, June 18, 2010

Little Things Make You HAPPY :)

sometimes, i am wondering, how could people are getting upset w/ their lives..what do they really want? big mansion? money(monies)? loving family? and etc...and for sure, many of us have at least two or three out of those criteria..still, many of us aren't satisfied and unhappy w/ their lives..keep demanding and asking for, i guess, there's something wrong that many of us have overlooked/neglected for..

..when we talk of possessing big houses, having wonderful job, living in a loving and caring family, we are actually expressing our own dreams..then, here comes certain terms like "Americans dream", "I Have A Dream," and etc..yes, undeniably, it is partly true that we are living today because of our dreams of tomorrow..we are waking up today w/ a picture of us tomorrow..yes, i don't want to argue on this..but, the problem is when we are too involved or excited of achieving all those big dreams, we sometimes forget to admire and celebrate some little things that are happening around us..and because of that, we forget that these small, petty things could actually make us happy..

..for example, you don't need some big accomplishments to cheer you up..some small one could do..let's say, you wake earlier this morning - it's a spend more hours reading and working than you are used to - that's a success.. you help people solving an academics question - that's a "BIG" help..and the list goes for me, happiness is all around's just a matter either we are looking for it or not..if we really OPEN OUR EYES, and try to SEE all these LITTLE THINGS, our lives would become much more happier..and believe me, you would feel more motivated to chase for your real BIG dreams! :)

*disclaimer: the content is all from my observation and my own works for me..and i take no responsibility if it won't work for any of you :D

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