Friday, June 4, 2010

A Huge Rally to Condemn the Israeli Attack!

Yesterday, there was a huge rally organized by Malaysians to show their strong condemnation & disapproval to Israeli attack towards the Pro-Palestine activists few days ago..yeah, congrats for those who joined the rally..we have to send a clear and firm  message not only to Israeli government but also the government of United States of America..we, the Malaysians, have been patient for many years, and now, it's time for us to express our anger towards all kind of oppression against the law of humanity!

..but, many of my friends are very cynical on the determination of this so-called protest..we don't want this effort to be just "another" effort..we urge a very firm subsequent effort to be taken persistently by Malaysian government and non-government as to persuade the US administration to be fair to not only Israeli people but also the Palestinians..we are also calling a very practical measure to be taken by the involved parties as to solve the  Middle-East is a dire need for UN to play its role to protect the rights of all people, regardless of their races, religions, and colors..Otherwise, UN will be nothing but a puppet to strong countries..

..anyway, we have to be clear on our stand that we are not going to discriminate the Israeli people [this is against the human rights]..we are more to believe that there are still many good dudes among the Israeli people..we are just condemning the attacks and all kind of aggressive actions taken by Israeli government towards Palestinian people..

"Give Back the Palestinian People Their Own Rights!"

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