Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tolerance is ESSENTIAL in any r/ship ~

..tolerance is a vital quality needed to deal w/ realities of differences and conflict..oh, tell me, in which world that people are all the same from their attitudes, opinions, and etc..if there was a place like that, i bet you that there would no life over there..but, why? simply because the life over there would be dull, plain, and monotonous! yes, there might be no conflict, but life is all about solving and learning from mistakes, right? if there was no conflict, tell me then, where would the lesson come from? as mentioned by Peter Buffett in his book, "Life Is What You Make It," diversity is the spice of life! Then, our ability to embrace gracefully diversity makes our own lives much much richer and better!

..but, is it true so to be tolerant, one should give up her principle of life, her values, and etc?YES, this might be a valid argument used by group of  prejudiced people to back up their stands of being biased and judgmental towards their society..but, in reality, tolerance is not about giving up your values, or cores! it's about to accept the differences between yourself and, it's more to celebrate the diversity, while at the same time cherishing one's own values and principles..just imagine, how many friends you might lose if you become prejudiced  to people of different sexual orientation, political leanings, and's clear YOU MIGHT LOSE MANY POSSIBLE FRIENDS..or in other words, you just shrink your life into smaller and poorer..believe me, living w/ people who are almost similar to you, who share the same views of life would make your life dull and less interesting..and of course, the learning process would be very very limited!, let's celebrate the DIVERSITY among us..God creates us differently so that we know each other! yes, GOD really knows what is the best for us! :)

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