Wednesday, June 16, 2010

"Deserve" has its own MERIT!

am just wondering how easily people use the word, DESERVE! for centuries, they have taken this word for granted..yet, most of them have never bothered/cared to at least know its definition..linguistically, deserve is derived from Old French, and it has been widely used in English since the last seven centuries (about 13th Century)..its actual definition is: "To Merit, to be Qualified for, or have a Claim to.....because of ONE'S ACTS or QUALITIES" see, many have overlooked intentionally/unintentionally the last part of the definition..

.."i deserve this as it is" - this is a typical response from some typical men..
"i have this rights" - yes, they tend to shield themselves by simply manipulating the words RIGHTS..hey, the word never stand always comes w/ RESPONSIBILITY..if you are really fighting for your rights, you should perform your responsibility first! only then, you can talk about your this and that rights!

..and because deserving never exist by chances/circumstances, i could simply say that we, the people, are simply undeserving anything in this world..if you are the son of a big business tycoon, for example, it's not a lifetime license for you to become a great person..everybody was born equally, regardless of their various background..whatever happens to you since that has nothing to do w/ your environments/ deserve something in your life because of what you are doing, not anything else..PERIOD..

-referring to some comments mentioned in "Life: Is What You Make It" by Peter Buffett

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