Thursday, June 3, 2010

Take Your Time ~

..oh man, it is totally annoying to know that the world is moving faster and does everybody..each of us is taught that life is a race..the faster you are, the better you would be..hell yeah! i can't agree w/ this anymore..

..but, as Bill Gates Sr. mentioned in his new book, "Showing Up for Life," we, the people, most of the times do forget the basic element of life - "a moment to think!" as we are chasing this and that, we never allow ourselves to think..yeah, we could ponder about anything : from our pets (redundant) to our families (the most important)..but, we are not doing that!

..because of this fact, human now are no longer humane! they are nothing but a robot! everything they do is based on what others told them to more personal satisfaction involved! what a waste, for a such noble creation like us! we are given brain to think, but we are never making full of it :(

..yet, it is never too late for us, who decide to become a human again! take sometime out of your life to think about what you really want.."am i doing the right thing?" or "am i enjoying myself?" tho, these are just simple questions, with no bombastic words, but few realize they are very essential in their, many of us just ignore them..

"It has never been too late! start to THINK!"

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