Saturday, June 26, 2010

Day 5: Recap

..a bit tiring & not really productive..been in the lab for about 6 hrs..expected longer than that, but cannot resist the temptation of, ended up playing tennis + watching movie: Toy Story 3..

..i missed a friend of mine, who passed away few years ago..all of a sudden, all the memories that we had together came up to my mind..he passed away, at the time, i was barely knowing the meaning of "perjuangan!" and honestly, i was sad when he left me..but God loves him more than i did..we shared our own dreams..if it was not about "our dreams", i won't be as "gigih" as i am now..i would rather enjoy my teenage life..but, since it was "amanah," i have to make sure, by hook or by crook, i have to accomplish those dreams..i made promise to, there is no way i can break it..but, my friend, if you were able to read this, i am telling you that i am so tired..sometimes, i feel like to give up on this days pass on, the pressure keeps, pls give sometime...i promise i will make those dreams come true..just hold your faith on me! anyway, Al-Fatihah to you...May Allah placed you among the good ones! :)

..if you were with me now, i am sure i could be even stronger! :)

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