Monday, June 21, 2010

Road to A Productive Week ~ Day 1

today was not very good tho..i woke up at 8am (that's good), read a project paper for about 10 pages, before i fell asleep..ok, i wasn't to be blamed since to finish that 10 pages, it took me more than 3, as usual, when i lost my concentration, i would take a nap! NAH, it wasn't a nap, eventually..from just 30 mins, i ended up sleeping for 2 hrs..woke up again at 1.30 pm only because a friend of mine called me..then, i checked my research schedule..DANG, i got a meeting at 2pm! crap, i was in a big trouble..not even prepared for the meeting..usually, before any meeting, i'd make sure i have prepared questions to be asked..this time, it was none..

..i managed to get myself at the meeting room on time..LUCKY! but, i was coming w/ a blank mind, and a blank paper (YES, am so old-fashioned in taking notes) the beginning, the meeting was kinda cool, w/ my friends updated the faculties about the progress of their experiments..MINE? not so much progress..i was told to wait till the needed equipments are, i got nothing to report..well, i failed to impress them during this meeting..felt so bad! 

..after unsuccessful meeting, i got back myself into my stuffy room..just realized that i haven't taken my lunch was already 5pm..okay, since there was nothing in my room in which i could "physically" eat, i decided to skip my lunch..ok, la..jimat sikit! then, i browsed thru internet to find some hints about my project since i have to design the experiment by myself..not so much info i found..ok, was already 6 more research! i am paid only up to, no more works after that time..giler berkira! haha..

..i was planning to play tennis today..but, the weather was not so HOT! considering that i might be dehydrated if i was to do any outdoor activities, i ended up watching tv series online..

..then, seronok, i realized it was already 9 pm..i promised myself to start studying for my least, i have to memorize 20 words per, here i was..dgn hati yg berat, i took my GRE book, which has been untouched for long long, study, and study!

* Xenophobia, Vogue, Allude, Apposite, Stoke, Guffaw, Truncate, Tedious, Redundant, Relegate, Callow,Economical,Accede, Transpire, Petty, Placate, Craven, Generic, Serrated, Pungent, Arable, FIFA*

LOL..the last word i remembered was FIFA, means it is game time! later~ :)

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